XL Tour

A long tour. To visit the Sassi and Matera at the calmest pace in the world. The Sassi is a very extensive historical center, the incredible result of a symbiosis between human work and nature. And the city of Matera has a long, complex, and fascinating history. From prehistoric times to the present day, passing through centuries of poverty and moments of splendor. From a city symbol of poverty to the emblem of redemption itself. The architectures of the Sassi and the numerous churches of the historical center are testimony to this. To grasp the reasons for such uniqueness, nothing better than a long tour. The most complete guided tour of the city. The XL Sassi Tour winds through old streets and ancient alleys. During the journey, entrance to some of the most representative rock monuments inside the city will be proposed, with further in-depth analysis.

Sassi of Matera

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