Tour Sassi

The Classic Tour is a delightful dive into the Sassi. We will walk through narrow streets and ancient alleys to discover together the most enchanting corners of the ancient Sassi districts. You’ll be amazed by the chaotic, spontaneous, and spectacular architecture of the Sassi, enjoying stunning views. However, we will also explore why until a few decades ago, the same Sassi that we presently admire were once considered the shame of Italy. What caused their degradation? Why were the Sassi abandoned after centuries? And why are the caves our grandparents wanted to flee from, now prestigious hotels? You will not only admire Matera, but you will also gain a profound understanding of the city. This experience will enable you to look at Matera through the eyes of a true Materan. The Sassi Tour focuses on everything that makes the Sassi and Matera unique and takes place on foot, with various insightful stops along the streets of the Sassi. During the tour is possible to visit some of the city’s most representative rock monuments, where we delve deeper into the analysis.

Sasso Caveoso Matera

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