Matera is no ordinary city – it is a place that ignites passion and creates lifelong memories. With its breathtaking views and hidden treasures, Matera offers an experience like no other. While it may seem tempting to capture its beauty through an Instagram filter, this city is more than just a postcard picture. The Sassi, with its dark caves, intricate architecture and a long and passionate historical story, is a treasure trove that deserves to be explored. A guided tour through Matera’s Sassi is the perfect way to soak in the authentic and conscious experience this city has to offer. With expertly curated tours, you will be given the tools to fully appreciate everything Matera has to offer. So don’t settle for a superficial visit – let the guided tours awaken your senses and change the way you experience this beautiful city.

What makes Matera and the Sassi uniques?

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