Tour XL

It's the long tour. To visit the Sassi as slow as possible. The Sassi are a very vast historical center, and the incredible result of a symbiosis between man’s work and the natural world. And Matera has a long, complex and fascinating history. From prehistoric times to the present days, going through centuries of poverty and moments of splendor. From the city symbol of poverty to the very emblem of redemption, to which the architecture of the Sassi and the numerous churches in the historic center bear witness.
To understand the reasons of such uniqueness, there is nothing better than a long tour. An in-depth experience, the most complete guided tour of the city.
The XL Sassi Tour winds through narrow streets and old alleys. It's a walking tour with various stops along the streets of the Sassi. During the tour, the visit to some rock-cut monuments, among the most representative of the city, will be proposed, as optional. Then additional insights will be provied in churches and museums.

Sassi of Matera

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