Tour Sassi

The classic tour. A pleasant dive in the Sassi. We will walk along narrow streets and ancient alleys to find out the most evocative corners of the ancient Sassi togheter. We will discover the chaotic, spontaneus and spectacular architecture of Sassi enojyng breathtaking views.
But there is more than that. Only a few decades ago the very same Sassi we admire today were considered the Italian national shame. What led to such degradation? Why were the Sassi abandoned? And how come that the same caves, from which once people wanted to escape, have now become prestigious hotels?
You will admire Matera, but above all, you will understand the town. This experience will make you look at Matera with a true local’s eyes.
The Sassi Tour focuses on everything that makes the Sassi and Matera unique. Is a walking tour with various stops along the streets of the Sassi. 

During the tour, the visit to some rock-cut monuments, among the most representative of the city, will be proposed, as optional. Then additional insights will be provied in churches and museums.

Sasso Caveoso Matera

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