My name is Vito Rondinone and I am a local, licensed and passionate tour guide. Matera is the city I love. I am very happy to be born and raised here, in one of the most unique places in the world.
When I was a kid, and the Sassi of Matera were still mostly abandoned, they were a sort of big playground for me and my friends. I used to play like a little Indiana Jones, exploring old streets, alleys, caves and abandoned houses, feeding my passion for history and for my hometown.
But I also love to travel and to explore the world. When I was 19 I moved to Modena, in the north of Italy for my University Master Degree, after which I spent some years working in Portugal, United Kingdom and in Rome, also traveling and backpacking as much as I could. I have spent lots of my time all over Europe and yet then I have chosen to live in Matera. And here, doing this wonderful job,for me is like traveling everyday. I have great time meeting people from all around the world, showing them things I love. Anyone who knows me says I’ve always been a tour guide, since the great passion I have always had about cultural and historical beauty.
As a true local, I offer you a walking tour that is an authentic and deep experience of my city. Is not just the tons of books I’ve studied and the archive research I carry out with passion. Because Matera is more than a musem. It’s the city of mine and my ancestors, with a unique history which is intertwined with that of my family. And Matera has a so alive present, costantly evolving. So in my tours I also put my history and unique perspective. So come and discover Matera.
I look forward to make you love it.

Vito Rondinone guida turistica Matera
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